IV Congresso Internacional. 6-7-8 Setembro 2023. Universidade de Coimbra


Dinâmicas de produção e abastecimento na longa duração


Setembro 6, 2023 5:00 pm
sala/room 3.3

Peculiarities and disparities of the rural population in anthropometric perspective

Antonio M. Linares-Luján (Universidad de Extremadura, España); Francisco M. Parejo-Moruno (Universidad de Extremadura, España)

Over recent years, anthropometric historiography has highlighted both the existence of singularities typical of agrarian society, and the presence of significant internal differences within it. Along with the already classic works that have compared the average heights of the urban and the rural population seeking to confirm or deny the applicability of the demographic thesis of the “urban penalty”, some recent works have gone a little further trying to verify the existence of relevant anthropometric disparities between irrigated and rainfed areas, between agrarian and non-agrarian workers, between neighboring territories separated by physical or political borders, between members of the same family, between some generations and others… Our session proposal aims to delve into these new lines of research from two non-exclusive perspectives: on the one hand, trying to detect the existence of anthropometric peculiarities in the rural world little studied until now, such as those that could be revealed by the analysis of the chest circumference or the body mass index and, on the other hand , seeking to uncover possible internal differences not yet specified, such as those that could exist between farmers and ranchers, owners and non-owners, large estate regions and smallholding areas, mountain and plain territories… Based on these singularities and contrasts, the session will, of course, be open to any historical period and any geographical reality. Papers written in Portuguese, Spanish and English will be accepted.

The net nutritional status in Sierra Suroeste: a dehesas’ region full of contrasts

Mª Jesús Pérez-Gil, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain; Antonio M. Linares-Luján, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain 📝

Singularities of a border economy: the biological well-being in the Spanish-Portuguese “Raya”

José F. Rangel-Preciado, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain; Francisco M. Parejo-Moruno, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain 📝

Escapando de la malnutrición. Explorando nuevas dimensiones de la desigualdad nutricional en la España rural mediterránea, 1840-1965

Javier Puche, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain; María-Isabel Ayuda, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain; José Miguel Martínez Carrión, Universidad de Murcia, Spain 📝

Height inequality in rural and urban settlements: the case of late-nineteenth-century Catalonia

Ramon Ramon-Muñoz, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain; Josep-Maria Ramon-Muñoz, Universidad de Murcia, Spain 📝