IV Congresso Internacional. 6-7-8 Setembro 2023. Universidade de Coimbra


Dinâmicas de produção e abastecimento na longa duração


September 7, 2023 9:00 am
sala/room 2.4

Food fairs and festivals and resisting the Green Revolution from below

Lidia Cabral (Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom)

This panel will explore the circulation of food identities, values and knowledge at local food fairs and festivals as a lens to understand (i) how different food system actors are seeking to reconstitute food systems and relations, and (ii) whether this contributes to strengthening food justice and sovereignty. Local fairs and festivals are embedded in the socio-cultural sphere and are often linked to traditions and/or identities of a place, as well as religion and spirituality. For a long time, food fairs and festivals brought together diverse agricultural ways of life and livelihoods. Post Green Revolution, food fairs and festivals are being re-discovered, re-scaled, and re-appropriate by different actors, sometimes creating new food identities, values and practices. This session will showcase local food fairs and festivals, old and new, from Brazil, China and India. For example, the Millet Food Festival in India brings together rural producers and urban consumers around a traditional, nutrient-rich crop that has been marginalised by the Green Revolution. Post Green Revolution this crop was neglected and knowledge about it is quickly vanishing. This festival promotes discussions about millet farming practices, the health and nutritional properties of millet, and different ways of cooking and consuming it, illustrating how hegemonic practices centred on modern crops are being challenged from below. But fairs and festivals may also use locality and tradition instrumentally to promote hegemonic production and consumption practices. The panel will feature diverse experiences illustrating different dynamics at play, thereby engaging critically with debates about food justice and sovereignty.

Street fairs, local markets and short agro-food circuits: different forms of identity that resist in time

Eber Quinonez, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal 📝

Intangible exchanges and everyday politics in three Rio de Janeiro food fairs

Lidia Cabral, Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom; Claudia Job Schmitt, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 📝

Weaving motifs of care: Understanding resilience through/with agricultural festivals in India

Poonam Pandey, University of Vigo, Spain 📝