IV Congresso Internacional. 6-7-8 Setembro 2023. Universidade de Coimbra


Dinâmicas de produção e abastecimento na longa duração


September 7, 2023 9:00 am
sala/room 2.2

Value chains, sustainability and nutritional transition: a Mediterranean perspective (1800-2000)

Amélia Branco (University of Lisbon, Portugal); Leonardo Aboim Pires (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal / Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal); Pablo Delgado (University of Zaragoza, Spain & Agro-food Institute of Aragón, Spain)

The agro-food value chains are complex and adaptative systems. Their characteristics change over time in response to economic, social and environmental contexts. Some of the components of the value chains, from production to consumption, change slowly, such as the social (and cultural) and geographic constraints, challenging the adaptation capacity of the primary sector to nutritional transition in an interactive and two directions process. The session intends to investigate the relationship between agro-food value chains and the nutritional transition.
The main objectives are a) to analyze the modalities of the value chain implementation, namely agents network and strategies involved; b) to understand their impacts on the socio-economic structure, appropriation process and agroforestry resources; c) to understand the extent to which value chains have contributed to changes in the food pattern in Mediterranean countries.

Agricultural intensification and economic shifts in the potato value chain (Portugal, 19th-20th centuries)

Leonardo Aboim Pires, Universidade de Lisboa / Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal 📝

The role of aromatic and medicinal herbs in food security

Cristina Sousa, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal; Maria de Fátima Ferreiro, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal 📝

Food regimes at a national scale: a conceptual map

Noelia Parajuá Carpintero, Universitat de Barcelona, España; Enric Tello Aragay, Universitat de Barcelona, España 📝

The drivers of the nutritional transition in Spain

Pablo Delgado, Universidad de Zaragoza, España 📝

Sustainability of Food System and Food Value Chain: why history matters?

Amélia Branco, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal 📝