IV Congresso Internacional. 6-7-8 Setembro 2023. Universidade de Coimbra


Dinâmicas de produção e abastecimento na longa duração


Setembro 8, 2023 5:00 pm
aula/room 2.2

Quantitative Agricultural History: institutions, markets and natural resources

Eva Fernández (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España); Miguel Martín-Retortillo (Universidad de Alcalá, España); Ana Serrano (Universidad de Zaragoza, España)

The studies on quantitative agricultural history are becoming increasingly important. Many of these works deal with relevant themes on rural history, such as the impact of natural endowments and institutions in agricultural growth, the factors explaining productivity growth and agricultural development, the determinants of agricultural and food products trade, the spatial distribution of agricultural production and its consequences, the intensification in the use of inputs, the impact of economic activity on natural resources and the effects of agricultural policies.
This session means to be a forum for the discussion of works in all the fields of quantitative agricultural history. It mainly has two objectives. First, it aims to inform about the novel quantitative tools used in agricultural history. Thus, the audience will improve the knowledge of new analytical and methodological frameworks. Second, the session will advance in the assessment of the historical interrelations between agricultural outcomes and their main determinants from different fields. A detailed analysis of these dependencies will improve the interaction among the different branches in rural history, making joint progress in the understanding of agrarian systems, the historical context and the use of quantitative approaches.

Measuring wealth inequality in the late preindustrial era. A case study for north-eastern Spain (1795)

Josep Mas-Ferrer, Universitat de Girona, España 📝

New Estimates for the of the Rural Economy Contribution to GDP (1650-1850)

Parcídio Miguel Gomes Campos e Matos, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal 📝

The location of livestock in Spain since mid-nineteenth century: the case of pig-husbandry

Pere Castell Castells, Universitat de Vic–Universitat Central de Catalunya, Spain; Ramon Ramon-Muñoz, University of Barcelona, Spain 📝

La evolución de la PPN en los agroecosistemas mediterráneos. Una primera aproximación a los impactos ambientales (1880-2020)

Adrià Ivorra Cano, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, España; Juan Infante Amate, Universidad de Granada, España; Manuel González de Molina Navarro, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, España 📝

Retaining population with water? Irrigation policies and depopulation in rural Spain, 1900-2011

Ignacio Cazcarro, Universidad de Zaragoza & Basque Centre for Climate Change, España; Miguel Martín-Retortillo, Universidad de Alcalá, España; Guillermo Rodríguez-López, Universidad de Zaragoza, España; Ana Serrano, Universidad de Zaragoza, España; Javier Silvestre, Universidad de Zaragoza, España 📝

The long run effects of land distribution on human capital in Italy

Eva Fernández, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España; Giacomo Zanibelli, Università di Napoli Federico II, Italia 📝